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Alfa Romeo Track

Speed and safety as if on a racetrack

Many of the corners on the Alfa Romeo handling track are close replicas of famous curves on racetracks around the world, from the Prima di Lesmo and Curva Grande at Monza to the Bus Stop at Spa-Francorchamps and the Hugenholtzbocht at Zandvoort.
The technicality of the track is also demonstrated on the long, high-speed straights that also make it a formidable test bench for engines and braking systems.Safety standards always remain high, highlighted by the DEKRA certification got in 2018.

5.750 m



Turn Number

9 m


1' 30''

Average Laptime

Alfa Romeo track map
Alfa Romeo track map


The Alfa Romeo track, is between 8 and 10 meters wide, alternates fast stretches, straights and curves with more driven and twisted sections on moderate inclines.
Extensive runoff areas and safety procedures ensure trusted and safe functionality.

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