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Balocco Proving Proposals



Our safe driving courses are aimed at teaching participants about the value of road safety.
The courses are aimed at companies that wish to boost team spirit or provide an incentive or reward for employees who have made their mark in the business.
The various tracks at the Balocco Proving Ground can reproduce the main critical conditions encountered when driving: wet tarmac, low grip, obstacles in the road, poor visibility, ice.
The driving courses include an initial theory session followed by technical and practical exercises, but can be adjusted according to customers’ needs and requirements.
Typical exercises include correct driving posture, slalom, skid car control, emergency braking with obstacle avoidance, driving on the track with an instructor on board.

Photo of Alfa Romeo cars on the track



Our exclusive location is located within a modern complex consisting of 27 tracks across 550 hectares surrounded by greenery.
The events area is spread out around a 19th-century farmhouse, meticulously refurbished to meet customers’ every need.
Its rooms and facilities of various dimensions can be adjusted and personalized according to requirements; the porches and outdoor spaces can be set up ad hoc.
Suitable as a venue for events such as conventions, incentives, team building and much more, offering a range of experiences for guests to drive on the tracks and on off-road courses, or as passengers of professional drivers.

Photo of a car during a corporate event



The Balocco Proving Ground is the ideal location to organize Trackdays, where participants can test drive their own cars and improve their driving skills on certified tracks, in complete safety.
Guests have the opportunity to drive on the historic, recently certified Alfa Romeo track, reproducing some of the corners of the most famous F1 circuits, such as Monza, Spa-Francorchamps and Zandvoort.
A unique location with a 19th-century farmhouse surrounded by greenery is the ideal setting for an exciting day, with facilities for guests to relax after their experience on the track.

Photo of a Ferrari car on the track



As well as an ideal location for events, the Balocco Proving Ground offers the option of organizing film or advert shoots in the events area or on the tracks.
The broad, diversified offering makes it possible to create different scenarios and sets for adverts, films, and photo or video shoots.
Slopes with curbs, hilly and country roads, off-road routes, ponds, fords, a 19th-century farmhouse, and a multifunctional space similar to a soundstage are only a few examples of the options on offer at the complex.

Photo of a photo shoot of an Abarth car