Hero Langhe
Track Langhe


Italy’s Nürburgring

The Langhe Internal Track simulates a typical country road with broad, connected corners and moderate ups and downs.
It consists of a short 4,750-m route that can be modulated with 4 variants of up to 7,000 m.
The Langhe External Track is more twisted than the Internal, with more frequent and more pronounced climbs and descents.


Turn Number

21 km


90 Kph

Max Speed


Track Number

Langhe track map
Langhe track map


The Langhe Track mostly hosts Customer assessment, durability tests, and fuel consumption measurements.
The right lane is slower; the left lane is the faster one, for overtaking.
As this is a simulation of a country road, the right lane is used more often.

Langhe internal table
Langhe external table